I bought something on ETSY

A friends birthday was coming up, and I had the option of taking the bus and subway into town to find something worthy of being a gift, the option of going to the mall to find something that everyone else will have, or the option to go online. I chose online and here’s why.

1. Bus fair would have cost the same as shipping.

2. It would take too long to get down town and I hate the mall.

3. Even if I go shopping downtown or the mall, there’s no guarantee I’ll find what I want. 

I was nervous buying something online. I know, the internet has been around for ages and all the kinks are mostly worked out by now. That is true. What I was worried about was not being home for a delivery and having to go chase it down at the post office. But that was resolved by shipping the stuff to my place of employment instead. I was also nervous about not fully knowing what I’m getting, how big it is, the true colour and dimensions. But in the end, I was happy! 

I will use etsy again. Even though in my previous blog post I complained about online shopping killing the real shopping experience. THe reason being that for some things, it just makes sense. 



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