Review: 2013 Super Bowl Ads

With the Super Bowl just a few days away, lets take a look back at what was good and bad last year

Worst = Beck’s Sapphire: Fish

Super Bowl 2013’s worst ad was probably Beck’s Sapphire: Fish Commercial

The Fish

The black gold fish that swirls around the bottle singing is weird. It has no connection to the product and it’s face is cartoonish. Furthermore, is the fish flying or floating? But at the end of the commercial I still want to know why a fish?

The Music

I’m not familiar with the song in the commercial. I don’t think anyone is. Nor do I like it.

Voice Over

The voice over says that the beer is named after German Sapphire Hops, when it’s really German Saphir Hops. A more insect and disease repellant hops. But just because the hops has a catchy sounding name to it, doesn’t mean it means anything to the viewers, and that’s the biggest problem with the commercial: Nothing about this commercial means anything to anyone.

Close seconds were the Lincoln commercials and the subway commercials

Best = Coca Cola: Security Camera

Saying a commercial is the best is impossible. So I picked my favorite of the good ones.

Oh, the Humanity

As per usual, Coke’s iconic commercials aren’t about how refreshing the drink is. It’s about magic, love, sharing, and in this commercial, all of the above.

In 30 seconds, Coke has convinced us that even though there are enough nuclear bombs to destroy the world many times over, that even though children are being kidnapped and forced into slavery in the DR Congo, even though we as people continue to rob each other, cheat, steal, kill, we are redeemed by the good that we do. People are good. And today that message is needed and wanted. Thank you, Coke, for saying it.


Beck’s Sapphire = Meaningless and Coke’s Security Camera = Optimism